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Class of 1993-1994: 21st Reunion


Saturday 6 March 2015 saw the RGS leavers of 1993 and 1994 reconvene for their 21st Reunion in the iconic setting of the historic school library. With over 35 in attendance, leavers were treated to picture displays of their time at the school along with individual head shots from their formative years. Food, drink and laughter accompanied music from the 90’s with the constant buzz of friendships being rekindled in the air.

A big thanks goes to Tim Stojanovic (RGS Head Boy 1993) who impressed his peers with his encyclopaedic memory of Richard Lane’s talent as a mesmeric school trumpeter, Jason Drewett’s success on the cricket pitch and Stephen Purser’s role as a highly valued deputy Head Boy….

Thank you to all those who attended this thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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