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RIP Aubrey Scrase (1925–2015)


It is sad news to inform you all that Aubrey Scrase (1925–2015) passed away at the end of last week following a short stay in hospital.

We have been informed by his family that Aubs was very clear in his wishes and in his Will that there should not be a funeral nor a memorial service at St Mary’s Church. We will obviously respect his wishes.

However, his brother Leslie and the family are happy for the School/Foundation to have their own ‘in-memory’ event in due course. In the last few days a number of ORs have indicated they would very much like to do something. We are therefore considering when to hold an event at school that would be to celebrate this fine gentleman’s life and this may help some ORs to pay their respects but also respect Aubs’ own wishes.

For those of you who do not know Aubs, he was an RGS teacher (1956-1995) whose contribution to RGS pretty much sums up the ethos of the school in one man. Aubs inspired generations of students and so very many continue to have huge affection for him and the school. In my time here, he has been an active supporter of the work of the RGS Foundation and was a very popular person at pretty much every alumni reunion event we have ever held!

Aubs recently celebrated his 90th birthday party here at school, arranged by the RGS Foundation. The Happy Birthday book collated by the Foundation to celebrate Aubs’ milestone birthday contained more than 250 contributions from colleagues past and present as well as from former students.

Aubs lived close to the school and since he retired came to school for lunch every day. After he became less steady on his feet we took lunch to him each day, until he was admitted to hospital last week.

There is so much more to be said and so much more will be said – especially by those who were taught by him and who worked with him.

A sad time but also a time to remember fondly a great Reigatian.

Shaun Fenton

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