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ReigAsians launched in Hong Kong!


The Hong Kong Football Club was the splendid venue for the RGS Hong Kong Friends Luncheon on Friday 8 April. With stunning views overlooking the Happy Valley Racecourse over 20 Reigatians attended our very first long lunch.

Many had travelled long distances to join us, including Matt Falkner (’82) our Canadian Ambassador from Vancouver; Ryan Younger (’91) our Singapore Ambassador; Chris Thorpe (’85) from Sydney, and David Allard (’78) from London. Our sincere thanks go to James Daniels (’92) for his help with organising this important lunch.

In addition to the social camaraderie of such an event, the lunch provided an ideal opportunity to launch the RGS Foundation’s ReigAsian Shareholder Scheme, which follows a similar model already established in America. Linked to the Changing Lives Campaign, Reigatians in this region are now able to join together and through ‘collective philanthropy’ provide a life-changing RGS bursary for a disadvantaged child. The lunch was an enormous success and we are thrilled by the response of our friends to this important social mobility issue.

If you are based in Asia and would like to become more involved with the ReigAsians and the Shareholder Scheme, as well as learn more about how Reigate Grammar School is addressing social mobility, then please contact Foundation Director, Sean Davey:

Meanwhile, the well-established RGS Hong Kong Friends community enjoyed two other social occasions during the week. Firstly, huge thanks go to Grant Kennedy (’80) who hosted an informal gathering for ReigAsians at JB’s in Wan Chai. We were particularly pleased to welcome Charles Lankester (’82) to the group, who had only recently connected. Indeed, we have now over 30 Reigatians in the HK region that we are aware of. Under the expert guidance of our RGS Ambassador for Hong Kong, Lawrence Webb (’77), this network is growing fast.

Finally, ReigAsians had a presence at the HK10s rugby tournament held just before the world famous HK7s, where our very own Jonny Hylton (’99) coached the Overseas Old Boys team (sponsored by A-Trade Finance, Lawrence Webb’s company) to victory by winning the Plate Competition. The ReigAsian crest was positioned proud upon the representative shirts!

Well done to all involved with a great week in Hong Kong!

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