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Lord Cooper returns to RGS

Today, Reigate Grammar School welcomed back Andrew Cooper (RGS 1974-81), to give the Henry Smith Lecture to current RGS Sixth Form students. Lord Cooper of Windrush gave a fascinating talk about the political geographies of Britain today and the dynamics of voting behaviour. In front of an audience of 260 students and staff, he provided many insights into the world of Westminster, the key characters in British politics today, and the science behind voting patterns.

Returning to RGS for the first time since he left, Lord Cooper enjoyed a tour of the school, attending lessons and meeting members of staff. He took the opportunity to join in with a sixth form Politics lesson on the theme of ‘What will be Obama’s legacy?’

Following his successful Reigate Grammar School education, Andrew Cooper went on to study Economics at the London School of Economics. His career has taken many paths but politics, strategy and research have remained at the centre of his interests and passion. In 2003, he created the research and strategy consultancy Populus and was also Director of Strategy to David Cameron in 10 Downing Street 2011-2013.

The late New Labour strategist Philip Gould (Lord Gould of Brookwood) wrote of Cooper (The Times,. 2 March 2011) that “he is without doubt the best political pollster of his generation, and one of the few who knows how to fuse polling and strategy”.

Current Sixth Form student George Colvin gave the vote of thanks and said, “…we are all extremely grateful to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to return to RGS today and give us such an interesting insight into the world of political strategy. We are all inspired by what you have achieved since leaving the Grammar. Thank you!”

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