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1675 Society Tea

We were delighted to host the members of the 1675 Society at RGS this week.  A group who have in common the RGS experience, as well as, being supporters of the Changing Lives campaign by remembering RGS in their wills.

Our guests had an extensive tour around the new Harrison Centre.  Who better to be tour guides than our sixth form students, who have benefitted so much from the new facilities; Our guests were treated to a sneak peak of a choir masterclass with award-winning conductor Nigel Short from Tenebrae Choir; and Tea with the Headmaster in his Study, including an exclusive Q&A on the newest developments of RGS’s partnership with Kaiyuan Education Fund (KEF).

We are thrilled to be able to invite our 1675 Society members back every year to catch up with all the news of RGS today, as well as looking back to how RGS was in their time.

The generous people that leave us a legacy gift believe in giving young people who have talent, hope and potential the opportunity of a first class RGS education.

“I was very privileged to receive a wonderful education at RGS.  At every turn in my life I have felt so incredibly fortunate to have had the benefit of a great education. I hope that one day, a child somewhere, perhaps from an impecunious family as I was, may as a result of my and others’ legacies be enabled to benefit from all that an RGS education has to offer.”

Please join us at one of our events and meet the inspiring people behind our work – from like-minded supporters to our dedicated staff and volunteers or even one of the brilliant scholars who remind us why Changing Lives is so important.

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