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RGS Annual Careers Convention

On Monday evening, RGS held its annual Careers Convention, where RGS students and their parents can speak 1-1 to a range of delegates representing around fifty different career areas including law, engineering, finance, medicine and allied professions, art and design and many more.  Special thanks goes to 60 RGS parents and former students who gave up their time to came back and share their experience and the nitty-gritty detail of their careers.  Special mentions go:

Steve Brooks (parent of alumni), James Day (’11), Darren Harding (’92), Clare Hartley-Marjoram (’09), Rosaleen Jackson (parent of alumni), David Keyte (’07), Charlotte Michel (’08), Adrian Morton (parent of alumni), Natasha Rees (’10), Jill Springbett (parent of alumni), Yalda Tomlinson (’12), Sameet Vohra (’92), Aidan Welton (’09).

If you would like to come and speak about your career to RGS students, please do get in touch.

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