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RGS Professionals @ Jellyfish


On Wednesday 28 March 2018 75 members of the connected RGS Professionals group were invited to attend the wonderful Jellyfish London HQ on the 22nd floor of The Shard with magnificent views across the city.

We were extremely lucky to have Rob Pierre, Jellyfish CEO and RGS Parent as our captivating host for the evening. Rob has been the driving force behind the Jellyfish success story since its inception in 2005.  Today, Jellyfish has more than 420 ambitious and talented people working across nine offices in the UK, US, Spain and South Africa working with leading global brands to transform their digital experiences. It wasn’t a global million dollar brands that Rob used as his case study for the evening, but instead, current RGS Parent and partner of the RGS Foundation, Hari Ghotra. Over a glass of wine a few years ago, the two had a revolutionary concept which involved taking Hari’s skills as a phenomenal Indian Chef on a digital journey, enabling people to share, learn and experience authentic Indian food at the click of a button.

Since that glass of wine, Hari and Jellyfish (using 100% unpaid organic search) have worked in partnership to develop a highly successful brand which has become synonymous online with everything and anything to do with authentic Indian food. in addition to this, Hari has also recently launched her own app, streams fortnightly cook-a-long live videos, has accumulated hundreds of delicious authentic online recipes and has even published a best selling Easy Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook! The future looks bright for Hari!!

We were also extremely fortunate to have Peter Giles, an Agency Manager from Google, talk about how they work in partnership with Jellyfish to ensure that all their clients maximise the digital impact Google can have. Peter a covered an extensive and wide variety of topics from machine learning of cats and cucumbers, to Dunkin’ Donuts voice recognition and everything between; it was an extremely enlightening talk packed full of current and future digital trends.

Shaun Fenton, RGS Headmaster, wrapped up the formalities of the evening by thanking all attendees and in particular Rob and his terrific team for hosting this hugely popular RGS Professionals event before individuals took the opportunity to retire to the onsite bar to socialise, re-connect and network whilst looking out across the dark night sky of twinkling London.


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