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Happy 70th to the Class of 1966


A special birthday reunion was held on Saturday 7th July 2018, thanks to Lynn Wilson (’66) for organising. A group of RGS alumni came together to communally celebrate their 70th birthdays.

Lynn said “It was a joyous occasion, even if we struggled sometimes to recognise faces we had perhaps not seen for over 50 years; accordingly, we arranged to have name tags for all (in some cases so that we would remember our own names?) and we had great fun perusing the long scroll-type school photo of 1965 to match those fresh faces with the rather more weathered ones of today.”

With far flung Reigatians travelling back, special mentions go to John Hankin from Spain and Phillip Epps from America.  Best wishes were sent from Mike Baker, Mike Furnell, Roger Humphries, Michael Jackson, Philip Selby, Cel Sutton, Richard Waller, Martin Wedlock, Peter White & Rhys Williams.

They took the opportunity to raise our glasses to toast all those who could not come and especially remembered those sadly no longer with us, particularly Head Boy, Roger Appleton and John Powell.


In attendance:

L-R (Standing)  Peter Jackson, Chris Smith, Nicholas Worsfold, Michael Jordan,  Alan Thompson, Lynn Wilson, Michael Pegg, Phillip Epps, Adrian Taylor, Malcolm Coomber,  John Hankin, Chris Ballard, David Tree, Neil Foster

Seated:  John Earl, James Nicholson, John Chisholm, Peter Hewett, Alan Sawyer, Peter Vaughan


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