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Where in the World are you?


Welcome to the Global Reigatian Community Map.  It shows the towns and cities around the world where members of our community are based.  The Reigatian community continues to reach far and wide around the globe, currently represented in 59 countries.  From New York to New Zealand there are members of the community in most continents either working, with their families or enjoying a well-earned retirement.

Are you correctly recorded on our map?  Someone you didn’t know living very nearby?  Click on the map to take a closer look.

Get in touch to update us if you have moved so we can make sure you are correct on the map, or to put you in touch with people locally.

We are delighted to have RGS Overseas Ambassadors who are points of contact for anyone wanting to join up with existing established Reigatians in key hubs around the world.  If you are living, travelling through or visiting any of these territories, we can put you in touch.

If you would be interested in becoming an ambassador for your area, do get in touch.

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