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RGS Switzerland Gathering: Geneva

We were delighted to welcome Swiss members of the Reigatian community to our first ever European RGS Gathering in the canton of Switzerland’s second biggest city, Geneva.

At the wonderful venue, Boulevard du Vin, situated on the banks of the Rhone, Reigatians met on Thursday 11 April 2019 to exchange stories and reminisce about their RGS days.

Our huge thanks go to Steve Lynch (’86) and Gregg Turner (’95) for their help in getting this first event off the ground. It was also fantastic to see Ross Wenzel (’98), a recent feature of our popular RGS Professionals Member Spotlight series, Andy Clayton (’86) who had recently relocated from New Zealand with his family and Mark Doswell (’69) who has been living in Switzerland for the last 40 years.

With good company and good local wine the evening passed far too quickly with the discussion turning to the organising the next leg of the RGS European Tour… Amsterdam? Paris? Rome?

Photo top (left to right): Ross Wenzel, Andy Clayton, Jonny Hylton, Gregg Turner, Steve Lynch and Mark Doswell.

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