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#changinglivesgivingday 01.05.19

on 01.05.19 we are asking for the wonderful Reigatian community to do some good over a 24 hour period. Our first ever #changinglivesgivingday provides us with opportunity to make an impact on the lives of some local children in need.

Currently for every child that enters RGS on a Changing Lives bursary, another is turned away as we do not have the necessary funding. Help us to help them.

So on Wednesday 1 May 2019, join us for our first #changinglivesgivingday

Every gift, no matter its size will make a difference.

How much IMPACT can we make, collectively, in one day?

If everyone donated the equivalent of:

  • game of thrones box set (series 1 – 7) = we would raise £210,000
  • a cinema ticket (inc. popcorn) = we would raise £52,500
  • skinny latte with extra shot + blueberry muffin = we would raise £21,000

To make the day run as smooth as possible, we have set up an exclusive Just Giving page to track progress of our target of £15,000.

Good things happen when the Reigatian community come together.

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