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Thank you!

Yesterday, Wednesday 1 May 2019, we held our first ever Changing Lives Giving Day and what a day it was! The response from the Reigatian community for the 24 hour period was overwhelming.

With over 90 donations completed, we were so close to reaching our initial target of £15,000 with just over £13,000 raised. A phenomenal collective achievement.

Thank you to all those that supported us.

The good news is that our Just Giving page is still open. If you didn’t get round to making a donation on the day, you are still can.

Every gift, no matter its size – will make a huge difference and your donation may be the one that tips us over our target of £15,000.

One story that a former pupil left with us really hit home to why our work is so important:

Having been brought up on a Council estate with no money and losing my parents at a young age, I managed to achieve a senior executive position within a major bank.

Everyone should have this opportunity and Changing Lives helps with this ambition. If you can dream it, you can do it.

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