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RGS Professionals at Moorhouse


Thursday evening saw a terrific gathering of Reigatian Professionals, putting their heads together to discuss change management. Enormous thanks go to our wonderful host Stephen Vinall (RGS 1983-1988), Partner at Moorhouse consultancy.

Stephen kicked off the evening telling us about his fond memories of RGS, all about Moorhouse and the journey they have been on.

As a company, Moorhouse focus on the challenges that organisations face while implementing change. For the past eight years, they have produced the industry leading Barometer on Change annual report, which identifies and explores key themes facing top industry professionals and organisations.

“Economic conditions, ‘Brexit’, environmental factors and climate change, technology are disrupting all industries. What do business leaders need to focus on to thrive?”

Our speakers eloquently relayed to us some of the knowledge on the three focus areas of the report:


  • It isn’t all about the intrepid explorer with frostbitten hands crossing the Antarctic.
  • What will make ordinary people undertake acts of courage?
  • Adversity to set against, sacrifice – something to lose and purpose – why?
  • Great organisations find a way. It might take them off course but they will survive in the long run.
  • A challenge is that it is rare for people to say they are courageous, but everyone can do it. The more you do it, the easier it becomes… And it’s easier to do it together.


  • Dealing with change requires innovation and adaptation, without losing momentum.
  • Starting with software that can be agile, the concept of agility has now spread beyond technology.
  • Of the organisations surveyed, 20% believe they can reach change within three months. 60% think it takes longer than nine months due to their structure and inability to flex. This can be the difference between an organisation thriving or failing.
  • Advice is to build in iterations – know ideas work and see returns, and adapt if needed.


  • Talent means having the most talented staff, operating at their best level.
  • Challenges are managing a multi-generational workforce with different needs and increased movement.
  • Solutions revolve around the employee’s relationship with their organisation.
  • Attrition will become redundant and firms must make it easier to move on.
  • How? Communicate quickly; recognise their capability today and their aspirations for the future.

Talks were followed by Q&A’s on each topic and then networking. A fascinating evening, thought-provoking and worth facing the weather to make it!

All that is left to say is thank you to the Moorhouse team for delivering a superb and educating evening and to let you know that the next professionals evening will be on Wednesday 4 December at Morrisons Solicitors at their Redhill Offices for Christmas Drinks!

Download the Moorhouse Barometer on Change report

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