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Our amazing Reigatians in action


With so many former students pursuing careers in medicine, there’s little wonder that we have a substantial number of Reigatians working on the front line during this pandemic. RGS also instils a sense of responsibility and moral purpose in individuals, which has never been more evident, with our amazing community pulling together like never before. Thank you one and all!

To give our amazing NHS and other front line workers some moral support, we’ve been posting social shout-outs on Facebook! Please click on the links below to read each story and to add your own messages of support.

We’ve also put together a short video, which you can watch here.

Help us to help the NHS

Through our Nightingale Fund, Reigate Grammar School is recognising the outstanding work of front line staff in the NHS, care homes and the emergency services, whilst also securing the future of the NHS. Last year, there were 12,000 unfilled Doctor posts in the NHS. With only 4% of Doctors come from disadvantaged backgrounds, we want to support gifted children to gain access to the medical profession. RGS has a strong history of success in preparing students for studying medicine and related subjects at university – as the list of NHS heroes below demonstrates. Help us secure the next generation of heroes by making a donation today. Thank you ♥


Simon Agombar (RGS ’85)

Will Appleyard (RGS ’14)

Tom Baumer (RGS ’05)

Dan Beasley (RGS ’14)

Laura Cain (RGS ’10)

Elle Chilton (née Norrie, RGS ’08)

Charlotte Cobain (RGS ’07)

Ben Cockburn (RGS ’90)

Mark Cockburn (RGS ’86)

Laura Eccles (RGS ’07)

Chelsea Forrest (RGS ’07)

Ben Gamble (RGS ’82)

Tom Fisher (RGS ’02)

Shani Freeke (RGS ’12)

Will Fry (RGS ’10)

Hannah Garmston (RGS ’16)

Issie Grant (RGS ’15)

Richard Griffiths (RGS ’79)

Roshni Hibberd (née Mistry, RGS ’08)

Lizzie Johnson (née Fitzwater, RGS ’07)

Ketan Kansagra (RGS ’92)

Tom Kirschen (RGS ’09)

Martin Lown (RGS ’90)

Rachel McKevitt (RGS ’11)

Alex Moore (RGS ’14)

Ruairidh Morgan (RGS ’13)

Holly Nye (RGS ’15)

Ellie Rowland (RGS ’10)

Andrew Selman (RGS ’97)

Lee Skinner (RGS ’92)

Alex Smith (RGS ’09)

Greg Smith (RGS ’11)

Ania Stevens (née Dean, RGS ’07)

Jo Tame (RGS ’13)

Charles Tresham (RGS ’97)

Emon Uddin (RGS ’16)

Arani Vivekanantham (RGS ’10)

Sayinthen Vivekanantham (RGS ’09)

Emily Welch (RGS ’12)

Paddy Williams (RGS ’05)

Howard Wilson (RGS ’74)


We’d like to give a special shout-out to current Upper Sixth student, Greyson G:
“I work at Roseacre Care Home in Banstead and I’ve been there about a year and a half although I did far fewer shifts than I am at the moment. I work as a kitchen porter, preparing food and cleaning the kitchen/dining room. As all of the residents are socially distancing in their rooms at the moment, we have more work to do with preparing trays for all of them at each meal. I’m working much more than during term time at about 50 hours per week, but it’s all to help out so I’m happy to do it. I am planning to take a gap year, continuing work at the care home, followed by a Human Biology degree at university then I’d like to join the Royal Navy. I’m in the Navy section of the CCF at the moment and I throughly enjoy it and I want to make that my career.”

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