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Congratulations to Reigatian, Keir Starmer


Congratulations to Reigatian, Keir Starmer (RGS ’81) who has recently been appointed as the new leader of the Labour Party. According to our archivist, Peter Burgess (RGS ’74), this is the highest political office that any Reigatian has achieved to date.


“We are proud of the many Reigatians who go on to do great things and we are extremely proud of Keir and wish him all the very best as one of the most senior politicians in the country at this difficult time of crisis and for the years ahead. He was a success whilst at Reigate Grammar School and so we are delighted, but not in the least surprised, by his accomplishments. Of course, we also have many RGS heroes working as NHS and key workers at the moment and I would want to take every opportunity to thank them for their selfless work for us all.”
RGS Headmaster, Shaun Fenton


“Even while occupying significant national positions, Keir has been a staunch supporter of Reigate Grammar School and RGS Foundation activities: to me one measure of the man has been his willingness, following events at RGS, to join friends and former teachers for an old-fashioned pint in a local pub. We all take pride in our alumni achieving high office, and Sir Keir Starmer has acquired his latest, and highest office of all so far, right at the heart of as threatening a storm as has ever befallen this country in peacetime. Following his leading role in the previous tumultuous years of the Brexit process, and his time as DPP, no-one may doubt his commitment to all his offices, and in these alarming times we all wish him well in his new endeavours.”
David Jones (RGS Staff 1975-2013)


“In his post-DPP period and in the early stages of him having entered politics (about 2015, I think), I called on the Reigatian connection, and cajoled Keir into speaking at a dinner for 200+ lawyers at the Law Society. I introduced him in the ordinary way – impressive legal career, QC, DPP, and I think by then, he had been Labour MP for St Pancras for a few months. I then mentioned the RGS connection – we were the era of the Bearded Wonder, Bill Frindall, and of David Walliams, who liked dressing up as a woman. Not the most stunning list of alumni. But Keir? Well, he wasn’t even the most famous person in his own class – because that person was Quentin aka Norman… aka Fat Boy Slim! And for those that contend that Keir is a bit dull and stilted, well not bit of it! He embarked on a two-minute affectionate reminiscence on RGS days. Of violin lessons with ‘Norman’, and of playing in a band with him – “I could’ve been a rock star!”, said Keir – a missed opportunity. All that he had managed was to do a bit of law ‘stuff’  and then politics! Very entertaining, a top chap and whilst I tend to vote for the other side (!) Keir is that proper grown up in the room, and just the kind of person the country needs at a time like this, and going forward.”
John Bramhall (RGS ’80)

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