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Free online health programme


We’re very excited to provide a special online wellbeing programme to support you through the lockdown, thanks to RGS parents, Jo and Luke Gray, who are offering a free subscription to their 12-week Living 80/20 programme (worth £90). This follows on from a similar offer available to all NHS workers.

Through Living, Jo and Luke have worked with A-list actors, pop stars, celebrities and sports professionals, fast-tracking their lifestyles in preparation for films and performances. Jo is a sports psychologist/nutritionist and Luke is a biomechanics specialist – they designed the Living 80/20 programme to show how you can change your lifestyle in a sustainable way!

What does Living 80/20 include?

Living 80/20 provides easy-to-follow steps suitable for any age, any ability and any personal goal! The ethos is:
80% of the time = Healthy eating and movement
20% of the time = Enjoying life’s little luxuries and tasty treats!

The programme consists of weekly content:  full body workouts, cooking videos and wellbeing/mental health information. There are also five new delicious, recipes each week with five additional recipes when you first register. The recipes are a variety of vegetarian, plant based and meat/fish. Choose from a selection of healthy breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners and plan your week accordingly.

Sleep wellness, stress and anxiety, positive thinking, gut health, rehabilitation are just a few of the topics that are included in the wellness section.

The Living 80/20 programme is all about making a small change to your lifestyle and a huge difference to your life.  So if only one thing is taken from the programme, it will have a positive effect. What better time to work on yourself than when in isolation?

Sign up and get started!

Click here to access the free offer, quoting the bespoke code 2020FREE12 when prompted.

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