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Remembering those lost in WWII


The Second World War touched the lives of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sweethearts: some were killed in action, while many others returned to live the rest of their lives with the physical or mental scars of war. By remembering all who served, we recognise the hardships and fears they endured, so that we could live in peace.

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Young men went off to serve in distant lands in the belief that the values and beliefs enjoyed by us were being threatened. The following Reigatians may be gone but will never be forgotten:

R Allman
WD Amos
FH Angold
J Anscomb
KW Armstead
CG Baker
AH Beale
JE Betton
DR Bishop
TH Bourke
MM Browne
AD Bull
HL Burridge
RGW Bush
DA Clabburn-Detrez
EJ Coe
SF Craddocl
KS Cross
L Davis
NH Edwards
C Findlow
RL Flint
V Funnell
CA Furbank
GC Gould
HB Groves
F Harding
P Hawkins
DC Heather
PE Henley
FH Hughes
KJ Inglis
WJ Ison
CA Legg
PL Lowe
H Luscombe
B McOwan
WJ Manger
JE Newman
A Nightingale
ACS Notley
KL Oliver
DG Palmer
H Parsloe
LT Peters
KR Pickard
C Pink
WTC Powell
E Rayner
WS Seed
B Reeves
G Robinson
J Rogers
L Sabine
EJ Savage
DF Sears
JF Shepherd
AG Smith
GE Smith
PT Smith
RA Smith
AM Spence
JPF Staff
CG Taylor
P Tickner
AR Titford
GF Toy
W Waite
B Wells
GA Woodcock-Stevens
FA Woodford
HE Woods
JHC Wright

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