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Founder’s Day quiz – answers revealed!


Congratulations to Tim Bowling (RGS 1982-1989) whose knowledge of school and local history was unsurpassed! Tim is the winner of our Founder’s Day 2020 quiz, and the proud new owner of an RGS rugby shirt.

We would like to extend our thanks to RGS Archivist and local history buff, Peter Burgess (RGS 1967-1974) for compiling the quiz.

For those who are curious to know how they did, here are the answers:

1) Name the three headmasters during the time the school was a state-funded county grammar school. Clarke, Holland, Ballance

2) At whose commemoration event were the proceedings closed with the toast “Silly Sods!”
Aubrey Scrase

3) The school houses at one time were named after eight large houses or private estates in the Reigate area, but which four houses were established first, before a further four were added?
Doods Priory Redstone Wray

4) The school has used a number of locations around the town for field and team sports. Can you name four of them?
Broadfield, Wallfield, Hartswood, St Albans Road

5) Which four RGS headmasters were present for the opening of the Harrison centre?
Sean Fenton, David Thomas, Paul Dixon, John Hamlin

6) The school has a garden with a memorial for Reigatians who were killed on active service in the Second World War. But where would you find the memorial for those killed during the First World War?
In the main school stairwell

7) Which Reigatian who shares the same name as the current headmaster has been described as an “80s pop legend”?
Dave Fenton

8) Which RGS drama production in the 1980s was the subject for a TV programme broadcast on ITV in 2013?
All the King’s Men

9) Twice since the founding of the school in 1675, there was no headmaster, and no teaching took place. The first such period was from 1675 to 1684 before the first master was appointed, but when was the second?

10) In the 1960s and 1970s, there were lessons provided under the umbrella title of “ABC”. What did this abbreviated term mean?
A Broadening of the Curriculum

11) What order of monks ran Reigate Priory before the Dissolution?
Austin Priors /Augustinian /Black Friars

12) In what year was Reigate Corporation established?

13) Which firm ran a large brewery in the town, on the site of the Morrisons supermarket?
Mellersh and Neale

14) Which famous landscape painter lived on Redstone Hill (his son taught art at RGS)? 
John Linnell

15) Which famous 1950s radio comedian’s family lived in Reigate?
Spike Milligan

16) What tragic accident in 1944 is commemorated on Reigate Hill?
USAF plane crash

17) In the first half of the 19th century, what is now Redhill town centre had a very different name. What was it?
Warwick Town

18) A famous ballerina was born in Reigate and there is a statue of her in the town. Who was she?
Margot Fonteyn

19) Earlswood Lakes is one of Reigate’s best natural features, but what was there before the lakes?
Clay pit or brickyard

20) In the 19th century, the War Office bought part of Redhill Common. What were they planning to do with it?
Build a prison


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