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Sixth Form Outreach Committee appeal


The RGS Sixth Form Outreach Committee is appealing to you to help us provide much-needed PPE to our local care homes and other institutions.

The Sixth Form Outreach Committee was established in March 2020 with the aim to help individuals, organisations and other schools in our local community. The Sixth Formers involved – Katherine B, Tabitha G, Lauren C, Holly L, India R and Eleanor S (pictured above from top left to bottom right) – are relishing being part of this committee, knowing that their actions will really make an impact on the world, especially in these times of need.

The committee is appealing to our Reigatian community to either donate or make the following items:

  • Face masks
  • Headbands, to put underneath masks to help make them more comfortable to wear
  • Drawstring bags for collecting dirty scrubs
  • Scrubs

If you have time and would like to make these items, please find instructions on Facebook.
Alternately, further guidance on creating PPE items is provided by Medical Practices.

If you are able to help, please drive into the car park at the front of the school and place the items into the plastic boxes, outside the Foundation Office (to the right of the main school entrance). To avoid contamination we have to allow 72 hours before we are able to handle the PPE and distribute to care homes, therefore if possible, please only donate on a Tuesday and Friday.

If you no longer live locally, but would like to help, please post your PPE to:
Foundation Office
Reigate Grammar School
Reigate Road

Thank you so much for supporting the Sixth Form Outreach Committee’s efforts and the local community.

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