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RGS Professionals: Workplace Wellness


The first virtual RGS Professionals event, on Workplace Wellness, couldn’t have been more timely. With increased numbers of us working from home, gyms closed and normal routines, such as walking to work, disrupted, there has never been a greater need to find new ways of staying active. The added anxiety brought about by the Covid-19 crisis puts mental wellbeing at the top of the agenda, too.

The event began with an introduction by Jonny Hylton, Associate Director of the RGS Foundation, who explained the format for the event. Jonny then introduced RGS parents Jo and Luke Gray from Living, whose vast experience includes working with A-list celebrities, multi-national businesses and, more recently, the NHS.

Jo and Luke shared their screen and talked us through their ethos. Living has been in the wellness and lifestyle industry for over 20 years, with teams in both London and Surrey. They specialise in biomechanics, sports psychology, functional medicine, nutrition and holistic practices. There are three key areas to the business:

  • Living 80/20 – an online programme, which enables members to access workouts, recipes and mental wellbeing topics at their own pace
  • Retreats – in Surrey and overseas, for individuals or groups large and small
  • Workplace Wellness – whole-business solutions where the Living team works with a company to design and implement tailored strategies to support wellbeing for employees (and, in some cases, customers) bespoke to each corporate environment.

Living’s methodology looks at mental health, physical health and nutrition. Rebalancing these is fundamental to implementing sustainable changes, by addressing sleep management, anxiety, memory, water intake, and many other areas. And specific exercises on posture are so important now that people are working from home on make-shift desks.

Luke emphasised the return on investment for companies who want to reward and support their workforce with a wellness programme. Indeed, this 360 degree approach of looking at movement, nutrition and mental wellbeing creates a happier, healthier workforce. It aids recruitment and improves staff retention, with employees feeling valued and rewarded. Greater productivity and fewer sick days means the cost of supporting staff in this way (approximately £4.99 per person, per month) delivers an excellent return on investment.

Following the presentation, Jo and Luke answered questions and left us with the final piece of advice: ‘Make a small change to your lifestyle – make a huge change to your life’.

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