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Food donations help families in crisis

On Saturday 14 November, Reigate Grammar School, in partnership with local charity, Loveworks, held its second Foodbank collection of the year. Thank you to all those Reigatians who generously gave a donation.

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a serious, long-term impact on the poorest people within our local community, many of whom have been hit by unemployment, and the lack of food security this brings.

Reigate Grammar School, through its RGS We Care programme, is working in partnership with local agencies to support the most vulnerable through these difficult times.

Following our successful collection back in April, we once more called upon our Reigatian community to join us to help those in greatest need. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the response.

As soon as the gates to the playground opened at 12pm, there was a steady flow of cars, including that of Headmaster, Shaun Fenton, who brought along a boot full of donations from parents who couldn’t make it themselves on Saturday!

The collection was run by Loveworks volunteers, RGS staff and Sixth Form students – India R, Annie L, Lucy M and Jake H, who worked exceptionally hard in some unfavourable weather!

People were so generous, generally dropping off two or more bags per car which was amazing and the quality of donations was brilliant. In total, we filled 72 crates and 78 large carrier bags with donations – just under 1 tonne!


“Thanks to the unbelievable support of everyone who donated at the drive-through on Saturday, we will be able to provide up to 80 food parcels to help feed local families over the next few weeks. This makes a massive difference to families who have been referred to us as being in crisis.”
Kate Curtis, Loveworks Charity Officer


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