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What’s life in Second Form like in 2020?

Schools have received their fair share of media coverage during the Covid-19 pandemic. For those of you who are wondering how Reigate Grammar School has adapted to the changes, we asked our Second Form students to explain what they enjoy about school, how lockdown has affected them and what they are looking forward to. Here’s what they told us:


Ella H: ‘I enjoy the sense of community and the friendly social feel that the school gives that people may not be able to experience at home. I’m looking forward to the school trips in the future because it is an easy way to find friends in people you wouldn’t normally talk to.’

Matthew A: 
‘I enjoy coming into school every day and I’m thoroughly enjoying lessons because, despite all the current measures in place to limit the spread of coronavirus, my teachers are still making lessons fun and engaging .’

Dylan S:
‘My favourite part of school is seeing my friends and learning about many different subjects.  Since coming to Reigate I’ve had the opportunity to experience a large number of different lessons and activities ranging from Mandarin through to Ultimate (frisbee).’

Oliver B:
‘I am looking forward to the Christmas break and for the end of lockdown so I can go and meet up with my friends at the weekend.’ 


Harry J: I enjoy the many sporting opportunities that we have in the year. I love playing for the school and being in a team with my friends. I also love the great amount of resources that can be found in the art department.’

Rosie F: 
‘I really enjoy the sport and the community of RGS and all the teachers – it’s a great atmosphere! I’m looking forward to when I can play sport against other schools again and get that RGS competitiveness back (in a good way!).’ 

Zac F:
‘I am looking forward to drama productions and lots of other things to come.’ 


Isabelle S: ‘I enjoy being with my friends and I enjoy all my subjects! I am still doing all of the clubs that I started in First Form, and I really love them! I am looking forward to drama plays, dancing, picking my GCSEs, and much more!’ 

Harixsan K:
‘I am looking forward to the sports fixtures coming back.’ 

Sylvie E:
‘I am really enjoying that we are still able to do most activities even through lockdown. I am looking forward to the festive season because Houses usually have fun things lined up for us to do. I am also excited to get started with the second form Never Second Best newspaper.’ 

Jacob C:
‘I am still having fun doing practical experiments in science and I am looking forward to the charity fairs.’


Photos taken on Activities Day on 9 October 2020

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