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Indian For Everyone by Hari Ghotra


Cookbook launch! We are delighted to announce that Hari Ghotra, mother to our Head Girl, Neyha, is launching her enticing new cookbook, entitled Indian for Everyone. Please see the video to hear from Hari and Neyha.

With 100 easy, healthy dishes, many of which are vegan or vegetarian, this would make a wonderful Christmas gift or stocking filler for budding cooks! Indian for Everyone is available to order here for £18.99 (hardback). As a valued contributor to the Reigatian Community and having previously held curry workshops, Hari continues her support of the Foundation, by kindly donating all profits from these sales to the Changing Lives Campaign. This is effective on all orders placed until Monday 12th December.

Although, we will endeavour to make deliveries in time for Christmas, please note, delays may be unavoidable due to impending postal strikes.


Hari Ghotra is a home-taught chef with a passion for sharing her love of Indian food. Following a career in marketing, Hari began teaching small groups of foodie fans how to create and enjoy authentic Indian cooking and spent several years training at the Michelin-starred Tamarind collection of restaurants. She is the author of The Easy Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook: Prep-and-Go Restaurant Favourites to Make at Home and 500 Curries. She sells her own custom range of curry kits and recipe sauces designed to keep your cooking as easy as possible. She runs the biggest Indian food digital platform in the U.K. (, is a regular contributor to The Daily Meal, and has been featured in The Independent and The Guardian and on CNN and Eater. She now has a global audience and regularly shares recipe on her app and YouTube channel. As the Food and Beverage Manger for an International Airline, she works with chefs around the world to create fun and exciting food concepts. Follow her on her YouTube channel, @Hari Ghotra.

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