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At last…Reigatian Community Drinks!

After three years of waiting, this event finally happened! We were able to welcome ‘new’ RGS parents to our Reigatian Community drinks reception on the Southbank of the River Thames in the backdrop of the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral. The venue for the evening was the magnificent Bankside Gallery, showcasing pieces of art from The London Group and arguably their most ambitious exhibition to date in their 109 year history.

On arrival, parents were treated to some fantastic live music from RGS bands ‘Take Five’ and ‘Shades of Yellow’, who played a variety of solo and group pieces featuring everything from Adele to singalong West End classics.

With award winning pieces of art on view, drinks and food flowing, it was the opportune time for Headmaster Shaun Fenton to address guests and welcome them to this fabulous event. The Headmaster spoke with great passion about the history of RGS, the importance of being a Reigatian in the modern world and the opportunities to get involved with our work in the community. He then went on to introduce Adam Gosnold, a parent who has had three children pass through the doors of RGS (the last leaving in 2021).

Adam spoke with first hand experience of the benefit of getting involved with the Reigatian community, the professional network that his three children have utilised, friendships his family has forged and the satisfaction received from being involved with our Changing Lives campaign as a member of the Henry Smith Club. Adam is a true example of a Reigatian!

Foundation Director, Jonny Hylton, ended the proceedings by highlighting recent examples of the Reigatian community in action and opportunities for parents to get more engaged; whether it be  joining the RGS Professionals group, offering advice and guidance to recent graduates, attending events or supporting our philanthropic work – there really is something for everyone.

We would also like to thank Ralph James for their support with this event and we were delighted to welcome company Director, Ashley Bone and his team, along for the evening.

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