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RGS Foundation Team update

We are delighted to inform you of some exciting recent appointments and developments within the RGS Foundation. 

We are developing an exciting RGS 2030 campaign, linked to our school’s 350 anniversary in 2025. We will be more ambitious than ever for our school, for our wider community and for our social mobility programmes. To lead the team and this new campaign, Jonny Hylton (RGS 1992-99) has been promoted to the role of RGS Foundation Director, working directly with Shaun Fenton Headmaster. Sean Davey’s role has evolved, he will continue to provide invaluable support and consultancy as Head of Foundation, whilst focusing more on the important growth of our global village of school partnerships.  

The team has been strengthened by the arrival of Tracey Thornton (RGS Parent) as Foundation Executive. This new role will complement the great work already carried out by Catherine Hutchison (Foundation Executive) as we look to further strengthen friendships, engagement and fundraising with the Reigatian Community.  

We also welcome Jodie Lazarus, who takes over from the departing Nikki Burch, as Reigatian Community Officer. This role is vital, and Jodie will take the lead on events including; ‘Back to School Day’, annual reunions, community fundraising activities and collating content for The Reigatian magazine. If you have any interesting stories to share, wish to return to RGS for a visit, would like to offer your expertise to provide a career talk or have any general community queries then Jodie will be able to help. Please do welcome both Tracey and Jodie as and when you meet them. 

In addition to these new appointments, Clare Adams has been promoted to RGS Foundation Office Manager in recognition of her outstanding contribution over the past few years.  

The RGS Foundation team is an important part of the wider RGS school team and exists to engage and connect with our Reigatian Community and to support RGS pupils, staff, alumni and RGS families by harnessing the power of our global community. We do this in several ways through events, networking, community activities and philanthropic endeavours. We are here to help.  


We can prepare a new, ambitious 2030 strategy and celebrate our school’s 350th anniversary because of the phenomenal success of our Changing Lives campaign under the incredible leadership of Sean Davey, hitting all our 2025 targets three years early.  Thank you to all who have helped make a difference and transformed the life chances of children who otherwise would not have benefitted from an RGS education. As Jonny Hylton steps up to lead the RGS Foundation, with the other outstanding new and existing team members, I can’t wait to see what we can do over the next 7 years.”
Shaun Fenton, Headmaster


(Left to right: Jonny Hylton, Catherine Hutchinson, Clare Adams, Jodie Lazarus, Shaun Fenton, Tracey Thornton and Sean Davey)

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