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From Surrey to Singapore – Ben Jones RGS ’94


On Friday 16 March, Ben Jones (RGS 1987-1994) returned to RGS for the first time since he walked out the door as a departing Sixth Form student in 1994. We were absolutely delighted to welcome him back after all these years.

Following a short tour round the school and reminiscing about his happy times at RGS, Ben gave a fantastic talk to some of our Upper School students about his journey since leaving in the mid-nineties, his time at Leeds University and the 14 months he took exploring the world before starting with Shell as a graduate.

From there, his talent was recognised and he quickly progressed through the ranks. Life for Ben and his family is now based out in Singapore working as an Energy trader for one of the world’s largest companies in this sector, at the heart of the world’s energy flows.

He provided valuable insight into the skill set required to succeed in any workplace environment, not just trading, identifying hard work, resilience and determination as factors that have been crucial to his success.

Ben then took some questions from the floor ranging from what future of the energy market looks like to the best ways about gaining experience for this type of role.

Huge thanks to Ben for coming back to visit us and for his support with all our work.

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