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Our We Care Bursary Fund!

Over the years, we have increasingly demonstrated the compassion of the Reigatian community through our community-wide efforts: from food drops during the Covid pandemic and the establishment of the Nightingale Fund, helping our NHS Heroes, to supporting Ukrainian children forced to flee their homeland.

These recent events have highlighted the ever-present need to provide support to families experiencing unforeseen and tragic circumstances. Most recently, the cost of living crisis is being felt acutely across the community, in varying degrees. We all know what a difference an outstanding education and enrichment programme makes to a child’s life, so it is essential that we support families in extremely difficult circumstances, at their time of need.  Providing hope and opportunity, will not only help alleviate some of the anxiety but also help guide the children who receive a bursary, towards a brighter future.

RGS was established on the concept of social mobility, as a ‘school for poor boys’, almost 350 years ago and this social purpose continues to drive our endeavours now. RGS strives to be a force for good within the local community, by sharing resources and enabling social mobility through our growing bursary programme, for a fairer society. In 2023, in realising this responsibility, we are establishing a We Care Bursary Fund, meeting a perpetual need borne out of unexpected tragedies. It is right that we should be able to respond immediately under these circumstances, when called upon.

On Tuesday, 19 June 2024, we will be holding our annual We Care Giving Day: we will have just 36 hours to raise £100,000, so we can reach out to help our local community and show how much We Care. All Reigatians will be told about this in more detail, nearer the time and how you can play your part in changing lives. We have countless examples of the generosity of our community from our previous campaigns and we are so grateful for all you have done and continue to do. DONATE NOW!

Thank you Reigatians!


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