RGS: Changing Lives since 1675...

Changing Lives

1675 Bursary Fund

Changing Lives of those whose potential is far greater than their financial means…

Our Vision
The aim of this dedicated fund is to produce sufficient income to support a wider range of deserving pupils through immediate bursarial support.

Inspired by the philosophy of our founders, we recognise that such benefaction enriches our school, enhances academic standards, is socially inclusive, and widens educational opportunity.

Our Target
The initial campaign goal of raising £1 million by 2016 to allow for twenty ‘1675 Scholars’ to attend RGS was achieved one year early. To date we have raised over £5m and we have supported 44 ‘1675 Scholars’ at RGS since we launched the campaign in 2014.

The ‘Gift of Education’, as provided by the 1675 Bursary Fund, aims to provide opportunities to transform lives and raise aspirations but our vision can only be realised through the help of our friends and supporters. Reigate Grammar School, unlike many other charitable institutions, does not have any major endowed funds to call upon. Currently, RGS offers financial support through means-tested bursaries to only a small percentage of the school population. The School receives a high demand for financial assistance each year. Sadly, we are unable to help a number of eligible children and if a network of support is not established RGS risks losing many gifted pupils.

We now look to our wider community and ask you to help RGS preserve its rich academic and philanthropic tradition by supporting the Changing Lives campaign.



RGS gave me the superb education my parents could not have afforded. I’ve never forgotten that... So I decided to give a bursary to a first year student and I hope it gives her some of the opportunities RGS gave to me.

Andrew Sullivan (RGS 1974-1981)

The lessons learned in those RGS years were certainly formative in terms of teamwork, resilience and lifelong learning.

Iain McLean (RGS 1971-1974)

Maybe if I had not had the opportunities and encouragement from RGS my life would have followed another path. Those days seem many miles away now but I will never forget my five happy years there.

Laurie Reed (RGS 1948-1953)