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The Aubrey Scrase Scholarship Fund


The Aubrey Scrase Scholarship Fund

In 1955 a new teacher arrived at Reigate Grammar School to teach Latin and Classics. This young man was Mr Aubrey Scrase, later to be known simply as “Aubs”, and who would go on to represent the core ethos of RGS. 

Following discussions with the Scrase family, RGS now looks to honour and remember this fine Reigatian. As a keen supporter of the work of the Foundation, and true to his wishes, we have established a Fund in his name to support disadvantaged children from the local area. To be known as ‘Scrase Scholars’, these children will receive a transformational opportunity through an RGS bursary. Furthermore, Aubs believed that any child should have the opportunity to broaden their educational experience through extra-curricular activities. The fund will also support those students from modest backgrounds and enable them to participate in the enrichment activities that RGS has to offer.

We invite you to support the Aubrey Scrase Scholarship Fund and start a life. Aubs left a significant footprint and path for others to follow. Please donate and help us to keep his memory alive through the gift of a life-changing education.


His greatest attribute was an ability to treat children as adults but to care for them and understand them as children at the same time. This is a very rare skill and it allowed children to trust him as someone who respected them, and they respected him in return.


Aubs was truly dedicated to RGS and his loyalty and commitment to the School was undeterred throughout his 40 years of teaching. However, Aubs was not your average teacher. He had a unique style, instilled enthusiasm in those he taught and was loved and respected almost universally by pupils and teachers alike. He was involved in rugby, the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, Scouts, led trips to the opera, theatre and ballet and also arranged school cruises. His devotion to RGS knew no bounds but most importantly, he was a mentor for many students. He instinctively looked out for all, particularly those who needed extra guidance or care and gave so much of his time ensuring children were given opportunities to make the most out of education and life. He listened.

In 1995 and after 40 years of teaching Aubs retired, but continued to have lunch at the school every day until his 90th birthday. He was a huge part of RGS life, many would say, he was ‘RGS’. Aubs sadly passed away shortly after turning 90. He inspired generations of students and many continue to have huge affection for him.


Aubrey Scrase, RGS teacher


Aubs’s devotion to RGS and its pupils over so many years and generations is, quite frankly, remarkable and probably unique. As someone who benefited greatly from my time at the school and the considerable contribution you made, I would like to say ‘Thank you’.


Aubrey Scrase, RGS teacher


I still have great memories of your enthusiastic Latin lessons and planning the DofE expeditions. Your dedication to the school over so many years is remarkable. I am sure this has helped to instil a love of the outdoors and a “can do” attitude in numerous pupils over the years. Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher!


Aubrey Scrase, RGS teacher



Aubs not only inspired me to get one of my best O Level grades in Latin, he helped me to grow up and aspire to higher values and ambitions in my life. I owe you a huge thanks for all that I have achieved.

David Bleasdale (RGS 1960-1968)

Your outlook on life and your love of culture became defining characteristics of so many of us who passed through RGS.

John Walton, RGS 1967-72

Aubrey had that special gift of being a teacher who could command respect with an easy manner that achieved great results. I will always be in his debt.

Colin Cook, RGS 1956-63