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David Walliams – My Inspirational Teacher at RGS


RGS is fortunate to have had many inspirational teachers over the years, without their initial guidance, the paths we all chose may have been very different. David Walliams (Actor, Author, OR and Changing Lives Ambassador) recently carried out an interview highlighting the role of RGS on his childhood. In particular he referenced the stalwart of the RGS English Department Mr George Paxton, as it was he that offered guidance and support to David in the early part of his fledgling career by encouraging his love of acting.

Since this piece has been published, David has contacted George via the Foundation office, re-connecting with him after more than 20 years.

Without ruining the excellent interview, one quote stood out more than any other from David and is a philosophy that still rings true with members of the Reigatian Community all around the world.


You have two hands. One to help yourself. One to help others. Those who truly inspire me are those who devote their lives to helping others.


You can read the full interview here…

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