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Changing Lives, Building Futures


Objectives of the Changing Lives, Building Futures campaign

In October 2023, we launched our Changing Lives, Building Futures campaign and a decade of philanthropic celebration, in a drive to be a force for good within our local community.

  1. To double our bursary provision from 15% to 30%;
  2. To fund £10 million towards capital development projects, to ensure our facilities match the world-class education; and
  3. To develop an enrichment programme that harnesses the talent and expertise of the Reigatian community: Reigatians supporting Reigatians throughout their lives.


SURVEY: Find Your Fit

By completing this short Find Your Fit survey, we can keep you informed on the things that interest you most, whilst meeting the needs of our global Reigatian community. We are your RGS Foundation. Click here to complete the survey.


The butterfly effect of one small act can create a wave of support that is far reaching and we will have the greatest impact by working together. There are so many ways of getting involved: from non-financial involvement through our enrichment programme (such as mentoring, careers advice, work experience and skills workshops), becoming an ambassador and volunteering with our charity partners, to regular giving from as little as £1 per month or leaving a gift in your will, for a lasting legacy.

Please view the short films below and consider how you can get involved through non-financial and financial routes. Should you have any questions, email us at and we will be happy to help you find your fit. .

Changing Lives, Building Futures campaign launch video

To kickstart a decade of philanthropic celebration, view our launch video for our Changing Lives, Building Futures campaign. All support counts, whether big or small, in whatever way you can help – it’s all about finding your fit. Click here for more information about our Changing Lives, Building Futures campaign.


Why we support

To hear from current supporters, helping at all different levels, watch this short video of Reigatians discussing ways you too can get involved and the impact you will have. Contact the RGS Foundation team by emailing so we can help you to find your fit.



Our enrichment programme

Our enrichment programme is for the benefit of all Reigatians. Sharing expertise and helping Reigatians in their onward journeys is a big part of what we do. Reigatians participate in our enrichment programme as mentors, offering work experience or careers advice, or simply being a friend to Reigatians as they venture to new locations around the world. The possibilities are plentiful. What role could you play in our enrichment programme? Contact the RGS Foundation team by emailing to discuss our enrichment programme.


Volunteer with a charity partner

We want to harness the power of our global Reigatian community by broadening our reach and working closely with local charity partners. Can you spare some time to volunteer – whether practical help with day-to-day roles or in an advisory capacity? Examples of some of our local charity partners are:
The Lucy Rayner Foundation: mental health support service
Renewed Hope: providing help for the homeless, vulnerable and isolated.
Loveworks: foodbank
Stripey Stork: collecting and rehoming clothing for families experiencing hardship.
ESDAS: domestic abuse service.
Contact the RGS Foundation team by emailing to find out more about volunteering with our charity partners.



Regular giving from £1 per month 

Everybody’s circumstances vary, so we want to offer lots of ways for Reigatians to participate in a way that suits them. The collective impact of Reigatians from all around the world will improve lives and open opportunity for a fairer society. We need your support! Hear from Reigatians who give a regular amount from our Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Click here to register your intention for a regular gift (from £1 per month) to our Changing Lives, Building Futures campaign and we will contact you to confirm the details. 


Henry Smith Club

Our Henry Smith Club is open to regular donors (from £1,675 per annum for a 7 year commitment). There are lots of reasons to be involved in our influential Henry Smith Club Club which is instrumental to opening opportunities and pathways to success for all Reigatians. Contact the RGS Foundation team by emailing to discuss Henry Smith Club membership.


Become a Legator

Legacy giving is pivotal in ensuring Reigate Grammar School continues to be a force for good long into the future. By pledging a gift in your will (such as a percentage of your residual estate) you will ensure that the needs of your family are met, whilst providing a lasting legacy to support disadvantaged children in providing a world class education, for which you will be remembered within the grounds of the school. If you are interested in becoming a Legator to understand more about this vital and transformative form of support, please contact the RGS Foundation team by emailing and find out more about our 1675 Legacy Society.


As you can see, there are lots of opportunities to find out more about the RGS Foundation. We have events running throughout the year, which are a great way of reconnecting with old friends or building new relationships leading to a wealth of opportunities. We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you for taking the time to consider how you can get involved. Together we can shape a brighter future..

Jonny Hylton (RGS ’99)

Foundation Director