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Our History


Reigate Grammar School (RGS) was founded in 1675 through the vision, generosity and philanthropic support of Henry Smith (a successful London merchant and Alderman).


A great philanthropist, Henry Smith was born in Wandsworth in 1548. He went on to accumulate great wealth through the acquisition of land and estates throughout the City pf London and the South of England.

Henry died in 1627 and declared in his Will that a gift of £1,000 be used for relief of the poor and educate local children in Reigate. In 1675 RGS was founded to educate poor boys in reading, writing and simple calculations. What is remarkable is that the school remains to this day upon its original site.

2025 will see Reigate Grammar School’s 350 anniversary. Please join us as we embark on a decade of philanthropic celebration with our Changing Lives, Building Futures campaign, uniting our community and setting us on the path to the next 350 years.