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What we do


We exist to build and maintain relationships throughout the Reigatian Community.


Through a variety of methods (reunions, overseas groups RGS Professionals events etc) we reach out in friendship to engage and build relationships amongst the Reigatian community.

With over 14,000 individuals in our network, we connect our community and develop the Reigatian network. We assist those at university or recent graduates with work experience, help them gain their first step into their chosen career, connect them with those offering advice. If a former pupil, it could be as simple as reconnecting you with your friend from your schooldays that you have lost contact with!

We inform through communication, (The Reigatian magazine, e-Reigatian newsletters, social media, the RGS app and the RGS website) raise awareness and update the Reigatian community of news of other members and current school events.

And finally, we ask for support. We ask to make a philanthropic impact. We ask for advice. We ask for your opinions and updated contact details. We ask for a lot of things and we are thankful for all that you do for us.

For more information, please see our RGS Foundation booklet online.

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