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We work hard to make our Reigatian community as inclusive as possible through a variety of events, reunions, overseas gatherings and our successful RGS Professionals Group. Whether you are a former pupil, current or former parent, staff, friend or partner, we welcome your connectivity and involvement with the Reigatian community.


RGS Professionals Group
The RGS Professionals Group brings together members of the Reigatian Community that work in main city hubs including parents, alumni and friends of RGS.

The primary purpose of RGS London Professionals is to foster meaningful friendship and network support. The group supports the school by providing a pool of experienced professionals willing to provide guidance and potential job contact opportunities to students at the school. The group also offers an enjoyable forum for Reigatians to stay in touch with friends and colleagues involved with the school and to meet and network with new friends working in complementary businesses.

As part of a rich and diverse programme, recent events in London have included: Barclays Canary Wharf Reception; Ernst & Young City Breakfast; an evening with Crossrail at the Royal Academy of Engineering and VCCP Advertising and Marketing event. In the year ahead there is a greater variety of regional events planned across the UK (Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Oxford) so please keep in touch for news and updates.

If you have not yet joined the 1500+ members of this connected group, please join the RGS Professionals group on LinkedIn to receive updates and news of future events.

University Links
Over 300 Reigatians currently studying at university are available to provide details about their course and university to RGS Sixth Form students. Reigatians at university provide an invaluable source of extra information to current Sixth Form students giving an inside track on university life, different courses and a depth of knowledge that reaches far beyond universities’ official brochures and websites.

Each summer, Reigatians at university return to RGS for a UCAS Day, organised by the Careers Department, which gives current Lower Sixth Form students the chance to question them as a panel and individually about their experience of university, their course and their recommendations for a successful UCAS application and transition to university.

Business Links
Members of our Reigatian community (parents, former pupils and RGS friends), who are established in their own careers are a vital source of advice, encouragement and mentorship. The RGS Professionals network has well over 1,500 members and they are keen to provide support with careers advice, work experience and potential job opportunities. As part of the RGS Professionals Network, parents and former students also provide invaluable support through participation in the School’s annual Careers Convention and the popular lunchtime careers speaker’s programme which runs throughout the year.

If you would like any further information regarding the RGS Professionals Network please contact Jonny Hylton: jdh@reigategrammar.org


The broad education and resilience developed at RGS gave me a firm foundation for the challenges of working life.

Sir Peter Gershon (RGS 1958–1966)

I promise to make the most of the opportunities available to me, because I’m constantly reminded of the journey which has brought me here and realise that it began with the gift of an RGS education.

Karolina Csathy (RGS 2008–2015)

I am confident that together the Reigatian community will make a huge difference to the lives of many deserving children.

David Walliams (RGS 1981–1989)