RGS: Changing Lives since 1675...

Humble beginnings

Henry Smith, 1675: a school was born.

Reigate Grammar School (RGS) was founded through the vision, generosity and philanthropic support of Henry Smith (a successful London merchant and Alderman) in 1675. What is remarkable is that the school remains to this day upon its original site.

We are proud that we are recognised as one of the leading co-educational schools in the country and there is a clear vision on how we want to enhance our community, broaden social access and develop our facilities as we move towards our 350th anniversary. Through the promotion of a caring environment we aim to establish long term friendship and association.

The role of the RGS Foundation:

We exist to build and maintain relationships throughout the Reigatian Community. The Reigate Grammar School Foundation was established in 2003 by David Thomas (Headmaster 2001-12) and exists to embrace friendship and cultivate a culture of philanthropic support. Our role is to support the School in its aim of providing pupils with an outstanding educational experience.

Fundamentally, we grow and maintain links with the wider Reigatian Community whose friendship and support we so greatly value and appreciate. Whether you are a former pupil, current or former parent, staff, friend or partner we welcome your connectivity and involvement, especially through our e-comms, events, reunions, publications and professional network.

True to our Founder and benefactor, Henry Smith, we have a philanthropic purpose of building bursarial support for bright and gifted children from the local community through our Changing Lives campaign that aims to address social mobility. Also, from time to time we are asked to help support school development projects to enhance the fabric of the school and the learning environment.

Who are the Reigatian Community?
The Reigatian Community includes current and former pupils, parents, staff, governors and friends of the school – all in fact, for whom the school is, or has been, an important part of their lives.

Meet the team:


RGS gave me the superb education my parents could not have afforded. I’ve never forgotten that... So I decided to give a bursary to a first year student and I hope it gives her some of the opportunities RGS gave to me.

Andrew Sullivan (RGS 1974–1981)

The lessons learned in those RGS years were certainly formative in terms of teamwork, resilience and lifelong learning.

Iain McLean (RGS 1971–1974)

Maybe if I had not had the opportunities and encouragement from RGS my life would have followed another path. Those days seem many miles away now but I will never forget my five happy years there.

Laurie Reed (RGS 1948–1953)