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Overseas Friends of RGS


The Reigatian community around the globe.

From New York to New Zealand, there are members of the RGS community in most continents either working, with their families or enjoying a well-earned retirement.

With this in mind, we are delighted to have appointed global RGS Overseas Ambassadors who are a point of contact for anyone wanting to join up with existing established Reigatians in various parts of the world. If you are living, travelling through or visiting any of these territories please email us so that we can put you in touch with your local ambassador:

RGS Overseas Ambassadors:

  • AMERICA: New York City

    Michael Lloyd

    Left RGS in 1986. Interests include golf, fishing and field sports and is married to Jill with one daughter, Julia. Career: Head of Trading.

  • AMERICA: Seattle

    David Mycroft

    Left RGS in1976. Interests include sailing, U19 County Rugby Coach and is married with two children aged 14 and 9. Now retired.

  • CANADA: Vancouver

    Matt Falkner

    Left RGS in 1980. Interests include rugby and airlines, and is married to Michelle with 2 children. Career: Aviation Security.


    Lawrie Webb

    Left RGS in 1977. Interests include open water swimming, rugby and running. Married to Vivien and three (mostly) grown up sons. Career: Finance.

  • AUSTRALIA: Sydney

    Neil Brett

    Left RGS in 1980. Interests include music, speedway and rugby, and is married to Simone with four daughters. Career: Mortgage and Independent Financial Advisor.

  • AUSTRALIA: Melbourne

    Raymond Buckett

    Left RGS in 1966. Interests include travelling, AFL and cricket. Partner Lorraine, three sons and four grandchildren. Career: Pharmaceutical industry.

  • AUSTRALIA: Brisbane

    Chris Smedley

    Left RGS in 1985. Interested in real English Public Houses and married to Sarah with three children. Career: General Manager.

  • AUSTRALIA: Perth

    Karl Hackett

    Left RGS in 1990. Interests include investing, judo, American football, wine. Married to Anna with two children. Career: Mining


    Ryan Younger

    Left RGS in 1991. Interested in clay pigeon shooting, rugby and diving. Married to Aileen with daughter Charlotte. Career: Oil industry.


    Ben Jones

    Left RGS in 1994, Interests include Sports and Travel. Married to Michelle with two children. Career: Oil and Shipping.

  • UAE: Dubai

    Campbell Steedman

    Parent of Alumni. Interests include golf, dining and fine wines. Married to Sally with two children. Career: Partner and White & Case LLP with vast Middle Eastern experience.

  • New Zealand (North Island)

    Stuart Donald

    Left RGS in 1978. Interests include rugby, cricket, golf, basketball, tennis, adventure travel. Married to Annabel, Stuart has three sons. Career: Agriculture and forestry.

  • New Zealand

    Ed Kidd

    Left RGS 1998. Interests: rugby, property and technology. Married to Rochelle, 3 sons. Career: Civil Eng and Property, software start-up business.

  • Switzerland

    Gregg Turner

    Left RGS in 1995. Interests: skiing, golf and all other sports. Partner Vanessa, 1 daughter. Career: VP Sponsorship at CAA.

  • UAE/Dubai

    Paul Thornton

    Left RGS in 1995. Moved to Dubai in 2007. Civil Engineer and Director of Middle East at TBH. Married with three children