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For us to keep doing what we are doing and providing the service we do and organising the events and reunions for the Reigatian Community, we rely heavily on the information we get from you.

We ask that whenever your details change, whether that’s a change of name, address, email, phone number or change of career or role, that you let us know by email:

That way we can communicate with the whole Reigatian Community more effectively and cost efficiently saving on undeliverable mail.


and Email

We are always keen to find out what members of the Reigatian Community are up to, whether that’s an achievement through University, climbing Everest, a new addition to the family, stories of a gap year or looking back at your RGS memories. We try to share as many stories as we can through the Reigatian Magazine and E-Reigatian.

Data Protection & Privacy Notice


The RGS Foundation holds all Reigatian community information in accordance with the General Data Protection Act 2018. Your personal information will not be supplied to any third parties unless they are employed by us to provide a specific service e.g. printing, mailing or data cleansing. The RGS Foundation may use your data for its charitable purposes in the future, plus up-dating you on RGS Foundation news and events. If you have any queries or would like to amend your preferences or opt-out then please inform us by emailing

Click HERE for the School's Privacy Notice.