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Founder’s Day


Celebrate Founder’s Day

Founder’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the legacy of our founder, Henry Smith, and the rich history of Reigate Grammar School.

View our Founder’s Day booklet online.

The great philanthropist, Henry Smith, left £1,000 in his Will to “educate the poor boys of Reigate”. This led to the founding of Reigate Grammar School in 1675.

Four years from now we will be celebrating the school’s 350th anniversary. In preparation for this approaching milestone, we have introduced Founder’s Day, which, this year, will take place on Thursday 5 May 2022 – around Henry Smith’s birthday.


This day celebrates the heritage of our great school and its founder, Henry Smith. It is fitting that the school song is To be a Pilgrim as I believe that being a pilgrim means being on a special journey with a good purpose. Since 1675 (the same year that the founding stone at St Paul’s Cathedral was laid) Reigatians have followed in our founder’s footsteps, moving forward as Reigatian Pilgrims and making the world a better place. Join me in raising a glass to Henry Smith on Founder’s Day.

Shaun Fenton Headmaster

The day acts as a reminder of the benefits of being a Reigatian: the sense of belonging and shared values; the journey that starts when you join RGS; the opportunities, friendships and connections that you enjoy as a result of your relationship with the school. Help us celebrate the life-long pride of being a Reigatian Pilgrim.

Join us on social media throughout May to share memories and photographs of your time at the school, see what classmates have been up to, reconnect with old friends and help us impress upon current students the far-reaching benefits that being a Reigatian delivers.

Get ready for Founder’s Day 2022
This year’s Founder’s Day is all about celebrating our amazing community, so we’re calling on you to share a photo of yourself with at least one other Reigatian. This could be an old school friend, a teacher, your parents… It could be a few of you in a pub in Reigate, you and a friend at the top of Snowdon… You have a few months to prepare!

On the day, we will be asking everyone to come together on the Reigate Grammar School community app, where you can post your photos, view other people’s posts, like, comment and connect. So, if you haven’t done so already, download the RGS app today! If you need any help with the app, please email

What does RGS mean to you?
Get in touch to let us know what your connection to RGS means to you. Our community is only as strong as the sum of its parts, so we thank you in anticipation of your support. Email:

Discover more about our Founder, Henry Smith.


The broad education and resilience developed at RGS gave me a firm foundation for the challenges of working life.

Sir Peter Gershon (RGS 1958-1966)

I promise to make the most of the opportunities available to me, because I’m constantly reminded of the journey which has brought me here and realise that it began with the gift of an RGS education.

Karolina Csathy (RGS 2008-2015)

I am confident that together the Reigatian community will make a huge difference to the lives of many deserving children.

David Walliams (RGS 1981-1989)


RGS gave me the superb education my parents could not have afforded. I’ve never forgotten that... So I decided to give a bursary to a first year student and I hope it gives her some of the opportunities RGS gave to me.

Andrew Sullivan (RGS 1974-1981)

The lessons learned in those RGS years were certainly formative in terms of teamwork, resilience and lifelong learning.

Iain McLean (RGS 1971-1974)

Maybe if I had not had the opportunities and encouragement from RGS my life would have followed another path. Those days seem many miles away now but I will never forget my five happy years there.

Laurie Reed (RGS 1948-1953)


Aubs not only inspired me to get one of my best O Level grades in Latin, he helped me to grow up and aspire to higher values and ambitions in my life. I owe you a huge thanks for all that I have achieved.

David Bleasdale (RGS 1960-1968)

Your outlook on life and your love of culture became defining characteristics of so many of us who passed through RGS.

John Walton, RGS 1967-72

Aubrey had that special gift of being a teacher who could command respect with an easy manner that achieved great results. I will always be in his debt.

Colin Cook, RGS 1956-63