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Medics Career Talk

Last Friday, Reigatian Dr Cliff – parent to twins at the school and Nikita (07-’14), came in to give a special talk to aspiring medics about his career and the steps they need to take to get into medicine at University.  Every year 21k  applications are made to Medical Schools and 8k are offered places.  RGS is very proud that is 2016, every student who applied got at least one offer of a place, which considering the odds is a good sign for our students.

The resounding advice, which I am sure all medics in the community out there would agree with, was to think seriously before taking the leap into medicine and to make sure that it is what you really want to do.  As a public servant, doctors have the opportunity to save and change lives, but if it is financial reward you want, think very carefully about if it is right for you.  To be a doctor, you need to be clever, certainly, but also compassionate, conscientious, honest, a problem solver, have resilience as well as empathy and respect for your patients.

Dr Cliff also focused on the importance of work/life balance and his top tip was to show interviewers what you do to relax , manage your time and show determination.

Thank you to Dr Cliff for your valuable insights and for helping our students find a way into Medical School.  If you as a member of the Reigatian Community could help our students get ahead in their dream career, please do get in touch with us

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