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Regional Gathering – Cambridge, East Region

A very enjoyable and sociable evening was held on Friday 23rd March in The Eagle pub in Cambridge for our first UK regional gathering.

A relaxed affair, with people coming and going most of the evening, saw many meet for the first time and, memorably, saw Alan Soer (’72) – School Captain – and Andrew Colley (’77) meet again for the first time since school – Andrew distinctly remembers Alan giving him his first detention!

Other attendees were Philip Alexander (’96) who recently moved back to Cambridge for work, Karolina Csathy (’15) currently preparing for her finals at Trinity, Cambridge, current PhD student Jack Tavener (’06) and Chris Hurley (’05) who has stayed to work in Cambridge after completing his PhD.

With lots of chat about jobs, their time at RGS and the differences over the years, everyone parted happy to have met and agreeing it was nice to meet with fellow Reigatians close to home, and promising to meet up again soon.

Special thanks also go to Laura Upstone (’15) for touring our group of current L6 students around Pembroke College. We can’t wait to come back again, but in the meantime, look out for us visiting nearby around the country over the next few months.

If you would be interested in helping arrange a Gathering local to you, do email Caroline.  Click here to look at our events calendar to see what is coming up.

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