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Class of 2013, 10-Year Reunion


On Thursday 19 October, we held the 10-year reunion for the Class of 2013 at The Northcote Pub in Clapham. In a reserved area upstairs overlooking the bustling streets of South London, we had a bucket of beers, chilled bottles of white and a warming red wine, just waiting to be drunk.  It was a rainy evening but that did not deter our guests. One by one the Class of 2013 arrived, greeting each other with warm hugs and big smiles. Some, not having caught up in years, were thrilled to be able to catch up with old friends. We had editions of The Pilgrim ranging from 2008 right up to their year of leaving, and the classmates took great pleasure in finding old photos of each other and laughing at the shared memories. It was great to see this group back together and we took the opportunity to chat to a few of them about their careers, jobs in the city, travels overseas and relocation further afield. We reminded our former students, that one of the best ways to keep in touch, is the RGS Professionals group that we host on LinkedIn, which connects our Reigatians far and wide.  It is a wonderful platform to connect with others, whether it be industry specific, to seek advice or mentoring or even look up a friendly face to catch up with when travelling globally. After a few drinks and some great photo opportunities, we bid our Class of 2013 farewell and let them carry on into the evening. We hope to see them again soon.  For photos of the event, follow the link.

For an invitation to join the RGS Professionals group, click here. 

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