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Chasing Opportunities at Chase de Vere


On Friday 23 February, our Upper Sixth Economics students were invited to the London offices of Chase de Vere, by Grant Cartwright, current parent and Independent Financial Advisor and Jo Abel, HR Business Partner. Jo and Grant had arranged for the students to hear from a variety of speakers, to understand the history and structure of Chase de Vere: from the support and administrative functions, to the Paraplanners and the Financial Advisors. The students learned about the interactions between the departments and the ups and downs of different roles – all too important in understanding or gaining a realistic and comprehensive insight into the opportunities within this established financial organisation. Grant introduced the significance of macro economic forces in relation to a financial advisory role and articulated the benefit of being an Independent Financial Advisor, in terms of the flexibility of running your own business, aided by the essential support functions within Chase de Vere.

The group of 30 students was split into two: half were inside Chase de Vere, listening to the well thought out and delivered presentations, whilst the other half took part in a financial walking tour, with our excellent guide, Ian (previously an investment banker of fifteen years), who took them to the historical heart of London’s financial district.  First stop on the walking tour was the vast golden building, home to Deutsche Bank, where Ian explained the role of investment and commercial banks and the impact from Brexit and recent financial crises on the investment banking landscape and where the UK now sat.  As we travelled to the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange, Ian spoke about the role of a central bank as well as the location of our diminished gold reserves. The students walked down the narrow and unremarkable Change Alley – just as the miserly Scrooge did in Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”, where deals were made in Victorian times. Ian continued this informative tour by discussing the importance of the original coffee houses and how the financial markets linked to the slave trade, as we stood outside the famous inn The Jamaica (now a trendy wine bar). Once back at Chase de Vere the two groups swapped over.

The two parts of the day gave students an enriching experience where they reinforced their understanding of the importance of the financial markets and how micro and macro economics interact. It is invaluable for the students to have these experiences to bring subjects to life in real-world scenarios. We are so grateful to Grant, Jo and the Chase de Vere presenters Jat, Hannah and Chelsea for their time, honesty and clarity and making themselves available to the students, enhancing their learning experience beyond their formal studies.

The healthy culture of support at Chase de Vere mirrored our own view of our Reigatian family: that support is non-hierarchical and is available when required. We are so grateful for the warmth with which we were all welcomed and we are looking forward to developing a close partnership with Chase de Vere for the long-term.

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