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Celebrating RGS Founder’s Day

On 1 May, we celebrated Founder’s Day in honour of Henry Smith, who founded the school in 1675 following his bequest of £1,000 to educate the ‘poor boys’ of Reigate. This act of philanthropy ignited a chain of events, akin to a butterfly effect which continues to have an impact on Reigate and the surrounding area almost 350 years later.

To celebrate the day, we had Founder’s Day cake toppers adorn the delicious cupcakes available for purchase at breaktimes and our RGS Foundation Ambassadors handed out flags for our students to wave in recognition of the day. It was a great sight to see so many flags around the school. Our RGS Foundation ambassadors took a great selection of pictures and we believe it was the best Founder’s Day yet! We look forward to celebrating in 2025 in what will be the 350 year anniversary of the school, a significant milestone that provides us the opportunity to look ahead to the next 350 yearsSubsequently, we have launched decade of philanthropic celebration in partnership with our Reigatian community aimed at securing sustainable and ambitious futureThrough our new Changing Lives, Building Futures campaign we aim to establish a legacy that our community can take pride in for generations to come.  

Similar to the metamorphosis of a butterfly, this campaign embodies growth, transformation and celebration.  Just IMAGINE the collective impact we can make.

To see pictures from Founder’s Day, click here.

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