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Changing Lives


1675 Bursary Fund

Changing Lives for those whose potential is far greater than their financial means…

Thank you for your support to date
The initial campaign launched in January 2014 with a goal of raising £1 million by 2016 – to enable 20 Changing Lives bursary students to attend RGS. This was achieved one year early. To celebrate the school’s 350th anniversary in 2025 we set ourselves a target of having fifty fully-funded Changing Lives bursary students in the school at any one time. With your help, we have achieved this three years early! Indeed, we currently have fifty-five 1675 Scholars in the school. To date we have raised over £8.2m and have supported 79 children with life-changing bursaries.


In 2021 we raised £1,085,244!

…of which £152,620 was for the Nightingale Fund

21 new bursary students joined RGS at the start of the 2021/22 academic year

What an AMAZING community, THANK YOU!


The gift of education, as provided by the 1675 Bursary Fund, aims to provide opportunities to transform lives and raise aspirations but our vision can only be realised through the help of our friends and supporters. Reigate Grammar School, unlike many other charitable institutions, does not have any major endowed funds to call upon. Currently, RGS offers financial support through means-tested bursaries to only a small percentage of the school population. The school receives a high demand for financial assistance each year. Sadly, we are unable to help a number of eligible children and if a network of support is not established RGS risks losing many gifted pupils.

We now look to our wider community and ask you to help RGS preserve its rich academic and philanthropic tradition by supporting the Changing Lives campaign. Read more about the 1675 Bursary Fund and ways to donate here.



The broad education and resilience developed at RGS gave me a firm foundation for the challenges of working life.

Sir Peter Gershon (RGS 1958-1966)

I promise to make the most of the opportunities available to me, because I’m constantly reminded of the journey which has brought me here and realise that it began with the gift of an RGS education.

Karolina Csathy (RGS 2008-2015)

I am confident that together the Reigatian community will make a huge difference to the lives of many deserving children.

David Walliams (RGS 1981-1989)