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Seats of Learning


Take a seat, change a life

Help us provide a life-changing opportunity for a talented child by sponsoring a chair in the Old Library. Please support us so we can confirm a place for a child this year.

The RGS Foundation’s Changing Lives social mobility campaign raises money to provide bursaries for talented children whose potential is far greater than their financial means. Since its launch in 2014 the Changing Lives campaign has supported over 100 children at RGS.

There is much more work to do. This year we have received more applications for bursary places than ever before and, due to limited funds, we are unable to offer every deserving child a place.

That is why we are promoting the Seats of Learning initiative, offering our community the chance to sponsor a chair in the Old Library and capture your connection with the school for all time. We only have 26 chairs remaining, out of a total of 170. With match funding, this will provide 100% bursary for a disadvantaged child.

You can sponsor a chair for £300. Sponsorship entitles you to a personalised inscription on a solid brass disc on the back of the chair.  This can be used to commemorate associations with RGS in many ways, such as:

– an individual’s time at RGS e.g. ‘Jane Brown, Class of 2010’
– a special role e.g. ‘Fred Smith, RGS Governor 1984-1988’
– a family e.g. ‘Smith Family’


Sean Davey, Head of Foundation asks for your support:

“Please support this initiative and be part of a community effort to change a child’s life”


So, please take a seat! You can secure your sponsorship here – or click on the button to the right of this page.


RGS 1998 South Africa Rugby Tour
Dr John J Adcock FBPhS Class of 1969
Colin Andrews – Class of 1953
The Appleyards 1976-2014
George Bailey 1935-1942
Peter Barrow 1951-1959
Richard ‘Dick’ Bason (RGS 1941-1949)
Jeffrey Bee 1948-1953
William Bennett 2006-2013
Elizabeth Bennett 2008-2015
James Bennett 2010-2017
Brian Boniface 1954-1961
Elizabeth and Marcus Boodhoo
Britania Crest 2019
The Brooke Family
Geoffrey W. Brown 1942-1948
A Brownlow 1944-50 Grandsons J, M & C Hawes 92-04
Conor Cahill, Class of 2022
The Cameron family 2014-2021
Alvar Chambers 1980-1988
Sir Colin Chandler, Governor 2005-2018
Dr Alan Clark-Jones MBBS MRCGP KCH London 41-48
Peter Clarke 1945-1950
James Clatworthy 1978-1985
Charlotte & Amy Cobain 2000-2012
Vice Admiral Sir Geoffrey Dalton KCB 1931-2020
In memory of James Dalton (1993-2000) d. 2020 age 38
Roger Dawe 1946-1953
Michelle Davey Class of 2013
Tate Davis Class of 2021
Augustus Day Class of 2018
James Dean Governor 2018
Antony Dean RGS 2003-2010
Olenka Dean RGS 1999-2006
Ania Dean RGS 1998-2005
The Denece Family
John C Dorricott RGS 1962-1967
John Stuart Earl 1959-1967
John Martin Elms 1955-1961
Gordon Elsey 1943 – 1950
Peter Elsey 1941-1948
Stephen Fisher Class of 1967
Paul Fletcher 1966-1974
Tom Forsyth Class of 1998
Peter ‘Olly’ Gershon 1958-1965
David Glossop 1947-1953
Phebe Gray Class of 2021
Brian Greenfield 1954-1961
The Gregson Family
Richard Griffiths MD FRCA 1972-1979
The Grimstone Family  2006-2018
The Grinyer Family
The Guise Family
Peter Gunn 1951-1956
Robert Hails Governor 2007-2013
Eloise Hamilton
Cecily Hamilton
Genevieve Hamilton
John and Marion Hamlin
The Hawrych Family 2007-2018
Brian Hazzard 1947-1954
Alan Hudson 1962-1969
John Holmes 1946-1955
The Hong Kong Boags 1990-1998
Tony Hopkins Beckenham Chorister 1943
Chris Hoskins Class of 1968
Sam, Tom & Lucy Hyams 2002-2013
Kieran Jackson Class of 2015
Alexandra Johnson Class of 2020
Ben Jones 1987-1994
The Jones Family
Buzz King Drum Major 1947-1955
Owen, Tomos, Ioan & Elis Knowles 2013-2023
Robert (Bob) Knox, pupil 1958-1965
Michael Langran 1943-1952 (died 22/12/17)
Adam Lawrence Class of 2021
Tom Lockett 1951-1957
Edward Longhurst 1948-1956
Lynch Family Proud to Support RGS
John, Jane, Peter, Ruth Manfield 1979-2010
James Thomas Martin 1938-1944
Lucy Mayne Class of 2021
In memory of Barbara Mehmood 1935-2020
Omar Mirza 1990-1995
Luke Morris Class of 2018
Harry Morris Class of 2016
John Mowlam School Captain 1960-61
The Muhilan Family 2021
Robin Oake Class of 1954
Osborne, David John Class of 1950
Philip, Alex & Mark Pangalos 2007-2018
Stan Peters 1943-1949
Jim Peters 1940-1945
The Peters Family in Memory of Jim 1929-2018
The Pike Family 2004-2014
Anthony Pretlove 1949-1956
In Memory of Dr M Ramanathan
Bill Rawlinson RGS 1957-1965
RGS Canada Rugby Tour Squad 1978
LDG “Laurie” Reed  1948-1953 Olympian 1960
Brian Roberts 1955-1960
Ian M Robinson Class of 1964
Brian Robinson 1950-1958
Steve Robinson 1962-96
48-51, Maurice Rogers, Forester
Douglas Saveker 1953-1959
Paddy Scarr 2011-2018
Allan Scutt 1940-1947
David Segrove 1955-1963
Bryan & Michael Seymour 1941 – 1951
The Shipley Family 2018
Derrick Simmons 1943-1949
Dream Believe Achieve D.Smellie 2011-2018
Michael Spink Class of 1967
D Bernard Sugden 1973-1980
Bradley, Koren, Zach, Meghan 1993-2014
Tae’s family. Thanks RGS. 2019-2021
The Telford Family 2010-2021
The Turner Family 2013-2021
Cliff “Leckie” Uwins 1947-1954
Stephen Vinall 1983-1988
John Walder RGS 1938-1944
Kenneth Watling 1942-1948
The Weber Family
Daniel Westley, Class of 2019
Tim (RGS 1962-1969) & Clare Whittle
Frank Whiteman 1918-25, Ian Whiteman 1953-61
The Whitworth Family
Alex Wilbraham Class of 2021
Oliver Wilbraham Class of 2019
Tom Wilbraham Class of 2019
David Woodward CMG Class of 1968
The Wright Family
Ryan Younger 1984-1991