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In Memory of Benny Lynch (RGS 1939 – 1943)

Basil Lynch
1927 – 2017
RGS 1939 – 1943

Basil (known as Benny) Lynch attended RGS at the beginning of the Second World War, often taking classes in the air raid shelter in the playground! He went on the serve in the Royal Navy towards the end of the war when still in his teens.

Whilst his schooling was disrupted, he felt that the values installed at RGS and in the navy put him in good stead for the future. He said that a good education was the most precious gift a person can receive. He served as a governor at the school.

Benny went on to forge a successful career in the printing trade, first at Monotype, a local firm and then buying out and running his own company, SD Graphics. This involved a move north but he retained a strong affection for the town where he grew up.

He travelled widely and had a curiosity to learn about new places and people. Living a long and happy life, Ben is much missed by his daughter and two sons and many people who knew this remarkable man.

Photo taken at the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne.

[From left, Gill Hynard, Benny Lynch, Robert Lynch and Steven Lynch]
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