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RGS shortlisted for four TES Independent School Awards

RGS is shortlisted in an unrivalled four categories in the prestigious TES Independent School Awards 2019, the only school in the country to be a finalist for four different awards.

The Senior School of the Year nomination puts RGS in the top eight in the country for the second year running as we also reached the final in this category in 2018. RGS is the only co-ed school in Surrey to be shortlisted for this award. From over 3,000 independent schools in the UK, it is remarkable that RGS is also a finalist in the categories of Wellbeing Initiative, Independent-State School Partnership, and Strategic Education Initiative.

The Wellbeing acclaim is down to the focus RGS puts on pastoral care and the importance we place on embedding sustainable mental health and wellbeing among all our students to help them enjoy the challenges and opportunities of modern life.

RGS has been recognised by the TES within the Independent-State School Partnership category for the dozens of local state school and community partnerships that we run each year, the volunteering work our students and staff offer and the RGS Foundation’s Changing Lives Campaign which promotes life-changing social mobility projects, raising millions to fund bursaries to enable children from all backgrounds to access the school.

High Performance Learning is now at the core of the RGS learning experience, and being a finalist in the Strategic Education Initiative category, recognises the ground breaking work underway at RGS helping children to be high achievers, to grow their intelligence and to succeed in all areas of life.

Mr Fenton said:

The daily experience of each child at RGS is much more important than any national award but it is a fantastic achievement for RGS to be shortlisted in no fewer than four categories and across such a wide range of activities. It reflects our passion for innovation and our drive for constant improvement in the education we offer to the families who choose an RGS education for their children. To be recognised for the way in which we share our school activities and facilities with children from local schools and communities, and our determination to put good mental health and wellbeing centre stage across the school, is particularly gratifying.

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