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Silver Reunioners run amok

On Saturday evening, the Foundation team were delighted to host a reunion for those who left the school between 1992 and 1994. Fifty former students came back to school, many for the first time since student days, to meet up with old classmates and see the school as it is today.

Many were astounded by the changes – both in the people present (all good ageing, of course!) and in the school itself.

The Headmaster, Shaun Fenton, warmly welcomed everyone, enlightening us on the latest school news. He made a special request to all to deliberate whether they can help someone within the RGS network; perhaps offering a chat about opportunities at their business over a coffee, or a look at their CV. It is, after all, who you know, and not what you know that makes a difference!

We launched straight into the grand tour of the new Harrison Centre, to see the Old Library (fleetingly passing the old tuckshop in the playground) before heading back to the Studio Café (formerly canteen) for appetising food and luscious drinks.

Tour of the Harrison Centre

There was plenty of light-hearted banter and engaging conversations such as, who dated who for nine days back in the sixth form, and even a quiz to test how good… or bad, as it turned out, people’s memories from school are.

RGS playground, R: where TuckShop used to be

Sean Davey and Jonny Hylton from the Foundation gave a pithy talk about the inspiring work of the Foundation, how people can get involved and about the phenomenal difference the Changing Lives campaign makes to the lives of the children in receipt of bursaries currently at the school. A gentle reminder of the upcoming Giving Day on Wednesday 1 May encouraging everyone to get involved, and a thank you to all those supporting at this time.

Copies of The Pilgrim from 25 years ago were consulted as well as photos from those good old days plus a slideshow of movie clips from the best movies of the decade.

All ended with light-hearted goodbyes from the staff as many continued onto The Venture to carry on reminiscing.

Reunion in the Studio Cafe (formerly canteen/sixth form centre)

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