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Sing along with former students, Quintus

We were overjoyed to hear from former student, Karolina Csathy (RGS 2008-2015), whose acapella singing group has recorded a special RGS We Care performance to share with the Reigatian community.  

Watch the video of Somewhere Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz.

Quintus was formed by Karolina in her final year at RGS, having been inspired on a residential course with the choir of Trinity College, Cambridge. She is, to this day, delighted that the founding members (Rachel Dungate, Harry Morris, Will Medcalf and Hugh Blayney) were willing to explore a breadth of choral repertoire and perform together in a formation that had not previously been seen at RGS – a mixed acapella group of just five voices.

The group gave a number of performances, including one at the annual Dorking Halls concert, but where Quintus truly showcased their work was in a concert on the 30 April 2015 in the school’s very own Recital Room, raising money for the Opportunities Fund.

Given that upon leaving RGS, everyone in the group went on to University and now all live in various places, the group has not performed recently, but they have a ‘Whatsapp’ group and have met up a few times in the past few years. Karolina told us, “Seeing all of us on the same screen makes us a bit nostalgic and we hope to see each other in person soon!”.

About our fabulous singers

Rachel Dungate (RGS 2009-2016): Having left RGS in 2016, Rachel went on to study Philosophy and Psychology at Durham University and has begun her career in operations at a start-up in the legal tech industry.

Karolina Csathy: Karolina was a music scholar throughout her time at RGS and is now a Young Ambassador for the school. When she left RGS in 2015, she went on to study Music at Cambridge University where she held a choral scholarship with the choir of Trinity College. Karolina continues to study violin and voice privately, whilst taking on professional musical engagements.

Harry Morris (RGS 2009-2016): Harry graduated from Durham University last year having studied History and is currently working through a law conversion course. Harry’s musical prowess didn’t make much of an appearance beyond the shower at uni, so he apologises for any dulcet tones in this performance!

Will Medcalf (RGS 2008-2015): On leaving RGS, Will went to study Physics at Oxford University. He graduated last summer, and has since started work as a Programmer in a UK-based video game studio.

Hugh Blayney (RGS 2011-2016): Hugh studied Physics at Imperial College, London after leaving RGS, and he’s currently finishing a master’s in Computer Science at Oxford University. Next he plans to get someone to pay him! He still loves singing – with or without instruments.

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