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Arabian Nights Reigatians in the Desert


It has been over three years since our RGS Dubai friends have had the opportunity to get together and reconnect. It was fantastic to see over 40 Reigatians last week on the terrace at Lah Lah Restaurant under the bright vibrant Dubai skyline.

We were delighted that Shaun Fenton, Headmaster, could join us for the evening and celebrate the ever growing RGS Global Village. Speaking with real passion, the Headmaster referenced the important role of RGS to our young Reigatians, the global community and the exciting plans ahead as we move towards the schools 350th anniversary in 2025 – a wonderful time to be a Reigatian.

We also welcomed the RGS 1st XI cricket squad and staff visiting on pre-season tour for the week. Head of School,  James C, provided attendees with an account of what life is like at RGS, an update on the tour and a personal insight into what he hopes to achieve over the next few years when he leaves RGS.

The evening really encapsulated the concept of the RGS Global Village and the connectivity we have worked hard to forge – parents, staff, former pupils, friends and students all raising a toast to RGS in the middle of the desert!

Jonny Hylton, Foundation Director wrapped up the evening by thanking all guests for their attendance, in particular Rob Willock (’91) who helped secure the wonderful venue. There was one final presentation to be made to Rob, who two years ago (through his twitter account) informed the world that his RGS Canada tour bag from 1991 had finally become redundant after all those years of use. Of course, we made a note of this and managed to secure a spare RGS rucksack so that we could replace his loss, we hope this one lasts as long!

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